Children, Games and Learning

Through the highly effective platform of game-based learning, children will develop critical thinking, collaboration, math, literacy and social skills.

New Zealand schools use the five key competencies in their practice, namely 1) Thinking, 2) Managing Self, 3) Language, symbols and text, 4) Relating to others, and 5) Participating and contributing.

Our specialized children's GameMaster consults with a registered teacher before every session. This teacher has a Bachelors in Education (Primary), an Honors in Psychology and an Honors in Psycho-Educational support. This ensures every session includes aspects of each of the five competencies as it is proven to create resiliency in our young ones. 

The Guild can offer skill-based or subject-based sessions depending on your requirements. Game-based learning  lends itself to academic and non-academic domains of learning as it takes a holistic approach.

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