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With years of experience under their belt, the Broken Sword Guild brings you an immersive role-playing game at an affordable rate. Based in Auckland, the Guild brings innovative tools to the tabletop gaming environment. We make sure that all players, new and experienced, walk away feeling like true adventurers.

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Introduction Games for New Players

If you are new to Dungeons and Dragons, or you are new to tabletop game, or even if you just don't like to be hindered by a massive rule book, do not fret! The Guild offers very simple games to a table of up to six players who want to explore the world of rolling dice just to see what all the talk is about. Proceed with caution, because even these simple games are extremely fun and addictive!

Classic Dungeons and Dragons

If you are a veteran player ready to take on all the rules of a Dungeons and Dragons game, then we have the adventure for you. The Guild hosts, for a table of up to six players, a variety of genres from the classic fantasy world to the horror genre. The Guild even hosts a variety of investigative scenarios for those wanting to play a detective in a world where even magic can leave evidence!

D&D for Children

When learning stops being fun, children stop learning! This package is built to allow adults to sneak learning in through the Dungeons and Dragons game.
A table of up to four children become adventurers in a fantasy world which is laced with questions on the subject of choice.
"If you want the door to open, write down and work out 7 x 11... Great... Roll Initiative!"


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